Welcome to McFly Unofficial.

This webpage is in no way connected to McFly, its simply a fan site used to keep people up to date on all mcfly news.

If you'd like to contact me you can here: http://twitter.com/McFlyNews 

McFly Fan Book Project - How To Get Involved


We are currently working on a McFly fan book and would like your input and ideas.  Tweet me your McFly Memories to the twitter address above to be included in the book. These memories can be anything, from meeting the guys, memorable performances, interviews, quotes etc.

Upcoming Diary Dates

2nd May 2010 - Rock 4 Life 2010 Mcfly/Sugababes, Whiteness Head, Inverness

29 May 2010 - Rock In Rio Lisbon, City of Rock 

6 June 2010 - Rock In Rio Madrid, City of Rock 

5 July - Wigan-Life-Tuned-In, Haigh Hall - on sale Feb 26th

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